From the publisher:

Welcome to the revolution. Every once in a while, a piece of technology comes along that you later look back on and say, "How did we ever survive without that?" We have said that about the fax machine, cell phone, the internet, the ipod (I suppose my great-grandparents said that about the telephone). I think we will say that about our e-reader device (whether it is the kindle, nook, iPad, Sony, etc) because it has the proven potential to fundamentally change the way we read books. And that could be for the better. Making it easier to read, which e-readers do, means you read more. Reading more means becoming more informed and more productive. Some have called the Kindle the "ipod for readers". The real ipod makes us happy because it is easier to listen to more music. Our e-reader makes us happy because it allows us greater access to information and reading material that we might not otherwise get around to reading. Well it took me over a year to get an ipod after it first came out. With my e-reader, I have become a much earlier "adopter" and believer.

I am often asked the question, "Will paper based books eventually disappear?" I believe the answer is no since there is still a role they play for the general reading public. There will be those who will never transition to an e-reader. So, as a publisher, it is important for us to be available in both mediums.

What about availability of books for the various e-reader devices? Since the technology is still relatively new, it admittedly has had a bit of a "which came first, the chicken or the egg" problem. Do people buy an e-reader now, hoping that the books and content will follow? Or do content providers wait until there is a critical mass of e-reader owners before investing in content. Well, actually that critical mass is here now with millions of e-reader devices currently in the hands of consumers and it is actually authors and publishers that are trying to catch up and provide the content that readers are looking for. There are still a lot of books that are not yet available in the e-reader format and so Signalman was born with the mission to mine the classics and bring them to renewed life as e-book. We have also worked with other outstanding publishers and authors to bring their titles to the e-book stores. Check out our titles and stay tuned for new books reaching you through the kindle store, nook store, and iBookstore. And, if you have a title that you would like us to consider publishing -- including as a paperback as well as an ebook, I welcome you to submit that to me for review. We are always in search of the next great writer.

Thanks and happy reading!

John McClure
Kissimmee, Florida
March, 2011